October 1, 2014

New Outtakes: Azealia Banks for TOSS Magazine, 2013.

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September 30, 2014

You are a rarity: a non-problematic fav. And you are ~my~ non-problematic fav <3



I try! I’m not without fault though. A lot of people have noticed that it’s been a while since María or K8 have made an appearance—almost a year—and that’s no accident. Of course I never thought of them as problematic, otherwise I wouldn’t have introduced them onto my channel, but once I started questioning myself, I knew it was time to let them go.

For example, when María talked about getting into fights, it perpetuated the angry Latina stereotype. I realized this after the fact, and tried to change that part of her personality in future videos, but it never sat right with me after that. In the beginning, I just thought of it as doing an accent. I thought I was bringing diversity to my content until I learned that the implications were much more, and I truly apologize.

K8 started out when Claudio asked, “Do you think you could play a white girl from the hood?” for a dating series he was working on, and I decided to make her a mainstay on my channel as well. When I decided to retire María, I wondered if K8 was also problematic because of her accent, so I made the decision to make a final video with her and Claudio for Christmas, although I never addressed the fact that it would be the last one. So here we are.

I’m sorry for any negative impact these characters may have had, and I understand that impact is more important than intention. With all that said, I hope everyone understands why I chose to retire them last year, and thank you for sticking with me!

This is how it’s done folks

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Chambaland - “Tang Tang” (Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj vs. Britney Spears)

Well I know what I’ll be dancing to 5eva.

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YAAASSS music jams britney spears jessie j ariana grande nicki minaj bang bang toxic